What to Expect
Rushing Wind Biker Church
A biker church, what the heck is that? Well yea, we
are a church, but probably not like you’re used to,
or what you remember if it’s been a while since
you stepped foot in one. A bit more like a social
club, hang out and have a cup of coffee and a
donut or two. Somewhat like a clubhouse, a
brotherhood and sisterhood atmosphere where we
compare chrome, pipes, the ride of the day. But
also share lives, burdens and trials, love and tears,
joy and pain. Some rockin music, yea we got some
classis Christian songs and lyrics, but you may be
surprised at some of the music behind them. Some nights like a rock concert,
some like friends around a campfire, others a bit of both.
But you will definitely know we love Jesus here. You don’t have to believe what
we do to show up, we leave that to God and you, but you will feel loved and
help you  through the journey, or THE RIDE I should say. Leather, jeans and
boots our most favorite attire, though some come a bit more spiffed up. It’s all
good here, just be yourself.
All patches, colors and clubs welcome, and some of our regulars represent a
club.You can come as you are. Suits and ties are allowed but the pastor will be
the one with  the tattoos,earrings and shaved head.(1 Samuel 16:7, James 2:1-4)
Also people that don’t ride have been drawn here. It seems there are many folks
who happen to like a more casual, non churchy, home feel atmosphere and
know the bikers are just people too. So come expectin to hang out with some
good friends, enjoy some rockin praise and worship music, hear God’s word in
a current and relevant application. And above all, expect to see and experience
the love of God. That’s a given.