Rushing Wind Biker Church
10 Peachtree Court
Holbrook, N.Y.  11741

Servant to Jesus Christ & Senior Pastor
Pastor Ski , aka Ski-man, aka Joe Marchelewski
Born and raised here on Long Island I’ve been around here
quite a long time, about 60 of my 64 four years to be exact. So I’
m pretty familiar with LonGislaners. In my wildest dreams I
never thought I’d be where God has bought me to today, but as
I have come to realize God has a sense of humor.  
I’ve been married to my love and my hero, Kathleen for at this time 42 ½ years. Three
wonderful sons, 3 great daughters–in-law, and 5 grandchildren. Life is awesome.
Though very quiet and reserved most of my life, I believe God brought me along
slowly. I needed to experience much to prepare me for the mission God had designed
for me. I spent over 3/2 of my life running from God. Living in all kinds of fear.
 I know darkness, pain, loss, despair and even death very intimately. A life from the
very beginning that would experience much of the worst of a broken humanity. Death
of multiple siblings, and an uncle. Other multiple tragic occurrences in the lives loved
ones. Faced death several times, things such as pneumonia, a near fatal motorcycle
wreck and most recently a battle with cancer that should have ended my story. But
God. That is kind of the backdrop of my life’s what if’s, But God.
God called me to serve Jesus Christ in biker ministry in 2005, and to birth a church in
2009. So much has transpired over those years my mind spins at times. But more is to
come. What I don’t know but as doors open God has commanded me to walk through
them. I’m a pastor, and evangelist, an author, speaker, and most recently the host of a
television/radio show in it’s infancy. I never dreamt or aspired to any of those things.
I continue to serve God, my family, my church and a biker community in the
thousands. My life is not my own so I continue in the adventure and journey called life
serving my savior Jesus Christ. God Bless, Ride Safe, And God Bless America.

Joseph Marchelewski – Pastor Ski
Senior and Founding Pastor, Rushing Wind Biker Church
NY State Elder Bikers For Christ Motorcycle Ministry
Author of: The Fear of Life: A Soul Journey to the Land of The Living
                No Sting: When Death Becomes a Toothless Lion
Host of: Answers From Mars Hill ( On Strong Island TV)
            Chaplain - Racing With Jesus Ministries