Rushing Wind Biker Church
10 Peachtree Court
Holbrook, N.Y.  11741

Our Story
Starting as a motor-
cycle ministry 9 1/2
years ago, on the road
with our brothers and
sisters that ride, what
has now developed
into a growing church
had a very modest
beginning. Just a few
men and women on
motorcycles reaching
out to help and minister to the Long Island motorcycle community.
A need was there and God was slowly starting to address that need through
people willing to go and minister to a people that desperately needed and
wanted a touch from a loving God.
Relationships and friendships developed, a bible study was started, and a
dream was birthed. As the bible study and influence of the ministry grew an
ongoing dialogue between two seemingly incompatible lifestyles grew
stronger. After visiting a few “Biker Churches” down south and out west, a
vision began to appear. The bible study continued to grow.
Then a Satanist church attacked and defaced a small Baptist church in Middle
Island and those “Bikers for Christ” lent a hand in cleaning up the mess and
repainting part of the church. A beautiful friendship and collaboration was
forged and God’s plan began to take shape. After several trials that the small
church endured, a year and a half with no running water, very little heat, and a
lot of prayers, the conception of what is today a biker church was the first
Biker Christmas Celebration on December 2008. It featured coffee that tasted
from hose water that came from the next building some 200 feet away, a frigid
winter ice storm, and a lot of love for the bikers by the Christian community.
The seeds of the church were planted and soon folks in the biker community
kept asking, “When’s the biker church gonna open?”   Even the hardcore and
outlaw community was curious and supportive.
On June 14th, 2009 we had our inaugural hangout/service. Slowly but steadily
growing the Rushing Wind Biker Church was established by God and  through
solid biblical theology, combined with a love for the outcast and radical folks
that comprise our biker community it has become a solid place of refuge and
faith for our people. With a solid relationship with the Long Island motorcycle
community we have been blessed to help literally hundreds of  bikers through
some challenging life experiences.
In February 6, of 2010 we had the first service in our own facility where we are
now enabled us to be where the community can access us easier.  The good
Lord continues to amaze us in how he supplies all we need before we ask.
Now the riding community has the refuge we hoped God would use us to
provide. We now have 2 dynamic, exciting and spirit filled services, Sunday at
5:30 pm,  and Wednesday at 6:30 (Our soup and sandwich night), bible studies
Fridays 7pm.
A place where bikers can be themselves. An atmosphere where they hear that
God will meet them right where they are, even if it’s doin 90 on two wheeels
through the twisties of life.
That’s our story. Come on down, grab a cup of coffee and help us write the
next chapter. With Jesus Christ as the author, it already has a happy ending.
As our video says, Welcome to Our Church.