Rushing Wind Biker Church
10 Peachtree Court
Holbrook, N.Y.  11741

I grew up in the church. Mom and Dad literally helped
build our church and served faithfully as Sunday school
teachers, church leaders and whatever category was
needed. Ministry was taught to us at a young age. I
grew up and married Ski and we raised our kids in
church . We lived a nice, safe Christian life in a nice,
safe Christian bubble. One Sunday,as we were singing a song about “giving
ourselves into the potters hands”, I made the bold move and told God I
actually meant it. Ha,ha. I get the impression God was waiting for me to wake up
to what He wanted from me.
I soon found myself following my husband into motorcycle minisry. Who knew
serving the Lord could be so exciting? I have been stretched farther than I
thought possible. Now that we have started a church, I find myself as a womans
leader. Having sat under some fabulous leaders myself, I realize it’s an awesome
responsibility. But when you look to God,  He leads you the way you should go.
That’s in riding and in every area of your life.
Womans Leader Moma-Ski