Our Mission
The Rushing Wind Biker Church of Long Island was formed in June of 2009 as
an extension and natural progression of the Bikers for Christ Motorcycle
Ministry, Long Island Chapter.
Through that missionary outreach to the motorcycle and biker community, that
numbers easily upwards of 15,000 people if not more, and growing each  day, it
was clearly seen that there were many needs and voids in that community that
need to be filled or met.
So on June 14th, 2009 the fellowship of the Rushing Wind Biker Church held
their first gathering.
Our mission and purpose first and foremost is to bring the Gospel of
Jesus Christ to a community entrenched in the dark corners of life, as we know
it. Addictions, abuses, prejudice, pain, suffering at all levels, while part of all
cultures and societies, are even more of a concern in the biker community and
related subcultures. That being said we aim to be a help in many areas of life to
a forgotten and neglected people. The first need we are meeting is a place of
refuge and sanctuary that people can come and connect, or reconnect with the
Christian faith.
Although we welcome all and judge none, we pray that through the love and
caring demonstrated by the followers of Christ, they begin to understand how
much the God of creation loves them and how much more fulfilling and
rewarding is a life centered on faith in Jesus Christ.
Our mission also is to deliver and bring to the community we serve helps in
areas such as counseling in times of loss or when a traumatic life event has
altered day to day life unexpectedly. Whether it be an accident, a death, or
relational and physical traumas to the "norm" of everyday life, we have to have
systems, resources and help when possible.
Whether it be toys for their children at Christmas, clothes and personal items at
times of need, and many other areas we hope and plan to add to the total  
ministry "package" as we continue to develop and grow.
Overall the vision of the Rushing Wind Biker Church is to be the
outstretched hands of God, helping wherever and whenever we can, in
whatever way possible, that through that love they are compelled to investigate
and hopefully make the decision to step into the abundant life available through
Jesus Christ, that they too will become Gods outstretched hands to others.
Our Mission Statement
Rushing Wind Biker Church
10 Peachtree Court
Holbrook, N.Y.  11741