Rushing Wind Biker Church
10 Peachtree Court
Holbrook, N.Y.  11741

Pastor Gerry
I was born in 1961 in Manhattan.  Our family worked our way out
to Suffolk County over the next 16 years.  I originally said the
prayer of salvation in 1980 in Pastor Gene Profettas church.  
Never having any true guidance, I have always struggled with
doing the right thing and helping folks so that they would benefit
long term.  My wife and I have gone to different churches trying
to find a church home and have been disappointed by folks that
judge or want to mold others to thier way of life, always leaving
on the Chili Run 3 years ago.  It was prayed over by Pastor Ski.  We talked to Ski.
When we got home, Camille, my wife, said ‘we should go to the church and check
it out.  I said “that would be a good idea”.  She said we have to get ready to go.  I
said “tonight?”  UGH!
We went and I was skeptical (kept my hands folded through most of the service).  
A  song called “Revelation Song” played and it touched me deeply.  My  hands
relaxed a bit.  Then Pastor Ski started a series in the book of Romans. When that
first service was almost over, I leaned over to Camille and said “we can come
Finally finding a home, all the struggles, decisions, sleepless nights, money and
stuff we went through was explained.  Then I heard a calling to walk strong and
pursue scripture and ministry.  Never turning back and after many enemy attacks
(they’re still coming), I am blessed and honored to be one of the shepherds at
Rushing Wind Biker Church and the Chapter Elder for Bikers for Christ, Long
Island, NY.   My wife Camille, my family and church family have supported me
throughout.  I cannot thank them all enough.  GOD is Awesome and has blessed
me with more than I deserve or can ever thank HIM for.  Shall I go for HIM?     
YES.       I will.
a bad taste in our mouths for churches.  We joined ABATE 5 years ago. We went