Rushing Wind Biker Church
10 Peachtree Court
Holbrook, N.Y.  11741

12/27/2015 Message
God wants you to go into 2016 knowing he will accomplish in you
and through you the vision for your life.
12/20/2015 Message
We look at a reoccurring line in the Carol, Away in a Manger. The little
Lord Jesus. Come on down as we inch closer to the celebration of the
greatest gift mankind has been and will be given in its existence. Be with us.
12/13/2015 Message
WE are joyful and triumphant.  Listen and know why.
11/8/2015 Message
"The Enemy Comes to Destroy Your Vision". When you realize what GOD
has for you to do, the enemy will try to distract, dissuade and deter you.
Learn how to defend this.
11/15/2015 Message
"What is your vision?"  What do you think you should do in this life?
What do you think GOD wants you to do for HIM?
10/25/2015 Message
"Hope For The Hopeless". Actually symptoms of that past life started to
emerge, to remind me of where God has brought me from. A very serious
talk this week. Hope to see you there.
10/18/2015  Message
"Ownership",  Do you go to a church or are you part of a church?
10/11/2015 Message
"Even The Stones Will Praise Him." ( and not at all referring to Jagger,
Richards and crew.)
10/7/2015 Message
"Hope"  Without Hope, we can't see a future.  We discuss how and who we
get hope from.
10/4/2015 Message
"New Birth Labor Pains" New birth comes after labor pain.  
Our discussion talks about when God is birthing anything new,
there will be labor pains.